Terms of Use

Designer of Verymanytubes.com is exclusive owners of his artworks.

Verymanytubes allows creating of graphic digital products with the items from the store, but every customer must follow all our TERMS of USE and LICENSE POLICY.

We offer two types of license.

Please read carefully about our license types that we offer before registering.

Using images without buying a license is forbidden.

PSP license is the license for PERSONAL usage ONLY and it has some copyright limits and special requirements. The final product must contain the copyright symbol © next to the full name of the artist, website name which is www.verymanytubes.com and the license which is VMT_your username.

It does not allow to use of store content for any commercial use. If you want to use any image for commercial purposes you must contact us.

PLEASE NOTE the images only for PERSONAL USE, the license does NOT allow to share any image, to sell them as they are or changed or in any final product, to use them in commercial projects or products, to use them in advertising, in any kind of commercial designs!

Those actions are strictly forbidden and all users, who share or sell any item from the store will be blocked without the possibility of account recovery.

We also offer Extended Royalty-Free license for some kinds of commercial usage (please note, it does NOT give you unlimited rights).

More information about the types of license you will find here: Licence Info

We allow recoloring and animating of all images from Verymanytubes.com under PSP license.

Changing faces of the tubes is forbidden!

Every customer should have his/her unique username, and it should have at least one number or letter in it.

Please note, that all products from the store are digital and after downloading any order all refunds of that order are not appreciated and will be made on a very special occasion.

We consider the questions and disputes about payments and orders that were made only in the three past years from the moment of the question/dispute.

We do not consider questions/disputes about more old orders/payments.

Discount and Promo policy:

The maximum discount for any item is 60%.

All promo codes that offer percent discounts cannot be combined with the current promo actions.

That means that if there is a sale at the store, you may buy the tubes with promo price or apply a promo code, but it will be applied to the full price, not a sale price.

Feel free to contact our support team by writing here: support@verymanytubes.com

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